Blackfriars Bridge
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Name Blackfriars Railway Bridge, London
Owner Network Rail
Design Sir John Wolfe Barry, Henri Marc Brunel
Contractor Lucas and Aird
When 1886
Where Central London over the River Thames connecting City of London with Southwark
Latitude N 51 30' 35"
Longitude W 00 06' 12"
Why The rail bridge is slightly further downstream than the Blackfriars Road Bridge and was originally called the St Paul's Bridge. The name was changed in 1937. It was the second of two bridges - the first, designed by Thomas Cubitt, was built in 1864 and demolished in 1985 - only the piers of that bridge remain - see the slideshow.
Overall type Arch
Width 5 railway tracks. The bridge will be part of the new Thameslink development
Spans Five spans of 53.3 m. to 56.3 m.
Materials Wrought iron arches
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How to read the bridge Read more about the book metaphor...
Chapter 1 Suspension system
Paragraphs Leaning tower:  
Bridge deck:
Supporting cables:
Sentences Tower:
Words Tower:
Letters Steel: Iron, carbon with other additives such as chromium etc
Concrete: Cement, sand, aggregate and water
Reinforced concrete: Concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension where it has to be reinforced with steel bars
Chapter 2 FoundationsIron caissons - filled with concrete. Piers have granite faced brickwork
Paragraphs Bearings:
Grammar Technically the bridge is a way of taking forces from up in the air down to the ground. So imagine the flow of those forces through the structure. Think of a truck standing on the brdge and how its weight is transmitted through the bridge to the ground.