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Name La Barqueta Bridge, Seville, Andalucia, Spain
Owner City of Seville, State Company for Expo '92
Design M. J. Pantaleon, J. J. Arenas, Arenas y Associados
Contractor Auxini - Empresa Auxiliar de la Industria SA - now of Grupo ACS
Ensidesa - steel company now Arcelor
Where Seville, Spain
Latitude N 37 24' 16"
Longitude W 05 59' 50"
When 1988
Crosses Guadalquivir River Built for Expo '92
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Pictures from Robert Gregory & David Blockley, UK - September 2008

Overall type Bowstring Arch with suspended deck. The whole bridge is one simply supported span resting on four piers.
Width 21 m.
Length 214 m.
Main span 168 m.
Arch The steel arch springs from triangular frames at each end with straight members and legs 30 m. apart. The arch rises 27.84 m. above the deck. It has a rectangular cross section of 2.7 m. by 1.8 m. with a groove in each side to create strong shade lines. The section is stiffened with diaphrams where the cables are attached.
Deck The vertical component of the thrust from the triangular end frames goes directly through the bearing pads to each pier. The steel deck is suspended from the arch by cables spaced at 8.5 m. down the centre of the bridge. The deck has a trapezoidal cross section with a width of 16 m. and depth of 2.4 m. and is stiff in torsion. Both ends of the deck rest on transverse I beams spanning 30 m. between piers and which, as the horizontal members of the triangular end frames, are also in tension. The flanges of these beams are reinforced with inclined plates.
Cables The hangars are cables made up of 15-25 strands of wire. Each strand is galvanised and protected by a plastic duct and the whole cable is inside a closed steel tube also galvanised and protected with a red plastic.
Erection The whole bridge was built on the river side and then rotated to its final position.
References Arenas J J, Pantaleon M J, "Barquetta Bridge, Seville, Spain", Structural Engineering Int, v2, No 4, Nov 1992, 251-252