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Name Carquinez Bridge, The Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge, California
Owner Caltrans for State of California
Design Deleuw Catter, OPAC, Steinman
Contractor Joint Venture of FCI Constructor Inc./ Cleveland Bridge California Inc.
When 2003
Where About 30 miles north east of San Francisco, California
Latitude N 38 03' 47"
Longitude W 122 13' 35"
Why Takes Interstate 80 across the Carquinez Strait.
Links Vallejo with Crockett. Toll on east bound traffic.
Overall type Hanging - suspension bridge
Original bridge was steel cantilver truss built 1927, dismantled 2007
Second similar parallel bridge built 1958 taking east bound traffic whilst first took west bound 2007 had seismic retrofit and upgrade
Width 25 m. - 6 traffic lanes + pedestrians and bicycle tracks
Length 1056 m.
Main span 728 m. with side spans 148 m. & 183 m.
Height of tower 131 m.
Materials Steel
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References Caltrans web site for bridge



Pictures by David Blockley, UK on the day the first cables were spun in 2002