Chelsea Bridge
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Name Chelsea Bridge, London
Design E J Buckton and H J Fereday of Rendel, Palmer & Tritton, London
Holloway Brothers
Steelwork Furness Shipbuilding
Cables Wright's Ropes Ltd
When 1937
Where Central London
Latitude N 51 29' 05"
Longitude W 00 09' 00"
Why Road bridge over Thames
Overall type Suspension Bridge. The designers claimed it as the first self reacting (or self anchoring) suspension bridge in the UK. This means that the horizontal force needed to anchor the cable is transmitted as a compression into the deck of the bridge. Brunel's Royal Albert bridge at Saltash is self reacting though not a conventional suspension bridge.
Overall Width 20.7 m.
Length 212.8 m.
Main span 107.3 m. with side spans of 52.7 m.
Materials Steel. Cables are 37 strands if high tensile strength wires bundled to form a hexagon. Towers are steel boxes sitting on roacker bearings.
Foundations Steel sheet cofferdams
References Buckton E J, Fereday H J, "The Reconstruction of Chelsea Bridge" J Inst Civ Engrs 1937-38, 7, 383-446, 1937-38, 9, 429-46
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Pictures from David Blockley, UK