Bridge Title
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Name Garabit Viaduct
Owner Réseau Ferré de France - RFF
Design G Eiffel, M Koechlin, L Boyer
Contractor G Eiffel
Where South of France
Latitude N 44 58' 25"
Longitude E 03 10' 25"
When 1885
Why Crosses River Truyere linking railway between Clemont-Ferand and Beziers
Overall type Arch Truss with 2 hinges
Length 564.3 m.
Main span 165 m.
Rise of arch 52 m.
Height of rail track above river level 122 m.
Materials Wrought iron
Erection The arch was built out from both sides using a 'semi-arch' method. Cranes, at the end of each growing section of arch, worked on extending the arch piece by piece. The ends were held in place by back stays to the towers. In turn the towers were also held by back stays to the rest of the bridge and the ground. Eventually the two halves of the arch were joined and the stays removed. The deck girders were launched out onto the arch from both ends.
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Pictures from Robert Gregory & David Blockley, UK - September 2008