Bridge Title
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Name Pont de L'Europe, Orleans, France
Owner Communauté de communes de l'Agglomération Orléanaise
Client Direction: Départementale de l'Equipement du Loiret
Design S. Calatrava
Structural engineering: Setec TPI
Wind tunnel testing: Danish Maritime Institute
Contractors Chantiers Modernes
Eiffel Construction Metallique
Victor Buyck Steel Construction N.V.
Subcontractor CAPREMIB S.A.
Where Orleans, France
Latitude N 47 53' 46"
Longitude E 01 52' 35"
When 2000
Why Major road bridge over the River Loire.
What Tied Arch
Width 25.74 m.
Length 470.6 m.
Main span 201.6 m.
Materials Steel with reinforced concrete foundations
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Pictures from Robert Gregory & David Blockley, UK