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Name Salginatobel Bridge
Owner Schiers Commune, Graubunden Canton, Switzerland
Design Robert Maillart
Contractor Florian Prader & Cie, Zurich
Scaffold: Richard Coray, Trin
Stays System  
Where Schiers, Switzerland
Latitude N 46 58' 54"
Longitude E 09 43' 06"
Why Takes road a deep ravine.
When 1930 - repaired mid 1970s & 1998
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Pictures from Robert Gregory & David Blockley, UK. Picture 3 is reproduced by kind permission of Andreas Kessler, Igis, Switzerland. September 2008

Overall type Open spandrel 3 pinned reinforced concrete arch. Robert Maillart was a pioneer of this form of elegant bridge.
Width 3.5 m.
Length 132.3 m.
Main span 90.4 m.
Height above water > 90 m.
Arch rise 12.99 m.
Materials Reinforced concrete



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The chapters
The scaffolding 'hidden chapter' Apparently it took only 6 men to build this scaffolding over one summer.
Grammar Technically the bridge is a way of taking forces from up in the air down to the ground. So imagine the flow of those forces through the structure. Think of a man standing on the truss and how his weight was transmitted through the structure to the ground.

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