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BridgeLocationDate Type SpanNotes
Alamillo BridgeSeville, Spain1992Hanging200 m.Unusual leaning tower replaces back stays
Albert BridgeLondon, England1873Hanging122 m.A classic over the Thames
AvignonFrance1185Masonry Arch~33 m.Subject of famous song 'Sur le pont d'Avignon
Barqueta BridgeSeville, Spain1992Arch165 m.Next to Alamillo Bridge also built for Expo'92
Battersea BridgeLondon, England189049.7 m.5 spans bridging the Thames
Billwil BridgeBillwil, Switzerland1904Arch35 m.An early Maillart bridge
Blackfriars BridgesLondon, England1869 & 1886Arch56.3 m.Adjacent road & rail bridges over the Thames
Bradford on AvonUK14th centuryArch4.9 m.Classic masonry arch
Brooklyn BridgeNew York1883Hanging486.3 m.New York icon
Bristol, Clarence Road BridgeUK?Truss m.
Bristol, Gaol Ferry BridgeUK1934Hanging m.
Cannon StreetLondon, England1866Beam41.4 m.Railway bridge over River Thames
Carquinez BridgeCalifornia2001Hanging728 m.First major suspension bridge in USA since 1973
Charing Cross BridgeLondon, England1864Truss46.94 m.9 spans taking the railway over the Thames into the heart of London
Chelsea BridgeLondon, England1934Hanging107.3 m.Another classic suspension bridge over the Thames
Chepstow Truss BridgeWales?Truss m.An old neglected classic truss bridge
Clifton Suspension BridgeUK1864Hanging214 m.Bristol's Brunel masterpiece
Clyde Arc BridgeGlasgow, Scotland2006Tied Arch96 m.Officially called Finnieston Bridge - known locally as 'Squinty bridge'
Cordoba Roman BridgeCordoba, Spain1st century BCArch9.5 - 10.8 m.Renovated Roman bridge
DownslopeBritish Columbia, Canada2004Beam9.2 m.Sea to Sky Highway 99
East TobaBritish Columbia, Canada2007Beam54 m.Access to power station
Esbly BridgeFrance1949Beam74 m.A prestressed concrete by Freyssinet
Forth Railway BridgeEdinburgh, Scotland1890Cantilever Truss 521 m.Designed by Sir Benjamin Baker
Forth Road BridgeEdinburgh, Scotland1964Hanging/Suspension 1006 m.Connects Edinburgh and Fife
Front StreetVancouver, Canada2001-02Beam91 m.Carries rapid transport system
Garabit ViaductFrance1885Steel Arch165 m.Built by Gustave Eiffel
Gateshead Millennium BridgeUK2001Hanging105 m.Iconic millennium bridge
Golden Gate BridgeSan Francisco, USA1937Hanging1280 m.An American icon
Goodwill BridgeBrisbane, Australia2001Arch/Hanging102 m.A Millennium Pedestrian Bridge
Grosvenor BridgeLondon, England1967Arch53.3 m.Over the Thames
Hosmer BridgeBritish Columbia, Canada2001Beam30 m. 4 semi-continuous spans over Elk River
Hungerford BridgeLondon, England2002Hanging53 m.A millennium footbridge near the London Eye
Lambeth BridgeLondon, England1932Arch50.3 m.Over the Thames
London BridgeLondon, England1972Arch104 m.Almost on the site of the original London Bridge
London Millennium BridgeUK2000Hanging728 m.First dubbed the 'wobbly' bridge but now a successful London icon
London River TourUKVariousVariousVariousA river trip
Luzancy BridgeFrance1946Beam55 m.Freyssinet prestressed concrete
MacKay River BridgeAlberta, Canada2004Beam90 m.Designed to carry 800 tonne load
Menai BridgeWales1826Hanging177 m.A Thomas Telford masterpiece and World Heritage Site 2005
Miho BridgeJapan1997Hanging120 m.A bridge well suited to its location
Millau ViaductFrance2004Hanging342 m.7 magnificent cable stayed spans. This bridge really has the 'wow' factor
Pont de l'Europe, OrleansFrance2000Arch201.6 m.Designed by S Calatrava
Pont de NormandieFrance1995Hanging856 m.Cable stayed bridge near Honfleur
Pont du GardFrance1st century ADArch24.4 m.Roman Arch Aqueduct
Pont sur la RanceFrance1990Steel/concrete Arch261 m.Near La Rance barrage
Port MoodyBritish Columbia, Canada2005Hanging46 m.Pedestrian bridge
Ronda BridgeAndalucia, Spain1793Arch98 m.Incredibly beautiful location
Salginatobel BridgeSwitzerland1930Arch90 m.Robert Maillart's Reinforced Concrete Arch is now a World Heritage Site
Saltash BridgeUK1859Arch139 m.Royal Albert Bridge - IK Brunel masterpiece
Second Severn CrossingUK1996Hanging456 m.Cable Stayed bridge near Bristol
Severn BridgeUK1966Hanging987.6 m.The first of the two big hanging bridges linking England and Wales over the Severn
Seville river bridgesSeville, SpainVariousVariousVariousA river trip
SodbachbruckeSwitzerland1867Timber Truss43 m.?Covered Bridge
Southwark BridgeLondon, England1921Arch73.2 m.5 spans over the Thames
Story BridgeAustralia1940Truss281.6 m.A Brisbane landmark
Sydney Harbour BridgeSydney, Australia1932Truss Arch503 m.A world famous icon for Sydney
Venice - Ponte della CostituzioneVenice, Italy2008Steel truss81 m.Controversial new bridge designed by S. Calatrava
Tarr StepsDevon, England1000BCStone slabs~2 m.Ancient 'clapper' bridge and stepping stones
Toba BridgeBritish Columbia, Canada2007Beam27 m.Access road to power station
Tower BridgeLondon, England1894Bascule (Lifting Truss)79 m.A London icon
Traubach BridgeTraubach, Switzerland1932Arch40 m.Robert Maillart
Tyne BridgeNewcastle/Gateshead, UK1928Arch161.8 m.Similar to Sydney Harbour Bridge
Tyne High Level BridgeNewcastle/Gateshead, UK1849Arch38.1 m.Robert Stephenson
Valantre BridgeFrance1350Arch16.5 m.Roman arch
Vauxhall BridgeLondon, England1906Arch45.6 m.5 arches over the Thames
Viaur BridgeFrance1902Arch220 m.Arch truss
Waiau Ferry BridgeSouth Island, New Zealand1887Truss78 m.Wrought iron
Waterloo BridgeLondon, England1945Arch77 m.Taking the railway over the Thames into the heart of London
Westminster BridgeLondon, England1862Arch37 m. max7 spans bridging the Thames by Big Ben and the London Eye
Whistler BridgeBritish Columbia, Canada2004Beam23 m.Precast Concrete girders with steel delta frames
Yoho BridgeBritish Columbia, Canada2004Beam64 m.Precast Concrete girders with steel delta frames